Pyrrolidine CAS123-75-1

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  • Description:ProName:Pyrrolidine CasNo: 123-75-1 Brand Name: AOP Other Name: Perhydropyrrole ProlaminePyrrole tetrahydro- Pyrrolidene Pyrrolidin pyrrolidinering Application: pharmaceutical chemical and biologica... DeliveryTime: 7days PackAge: 1kg

CasNo:  123-75-1
Brand Name: AOP
Other Name: Perhydropyrrole, Prolamine,Pyrrole, tetrahydro-
Pyrrolidene, Pyrrolidin, pyrrolidinering
Application: pharmaceutical, chemical and biologica...
DeliveryTime:  7days
PackAge: 1kg 5kg 25kg 
Port: Wuhan/ Shanghai / Guangzhou / Tianjin
ProductionCapacity: 3 Ton/Day
Purity: 99.9%

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